“We make great ideas come to life.”

We craft bespoke

solutions with AI.

At ACG, we specialize in utilizing AI to enhance the potential of your business endeavors. We offer tailored solutions, including strategic planning and implementation, aimed at increasing efficiency, revenue, and cost savings.

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Trusted by leading B2B companies

We're a full-service consulting firm.


We provide a full range of services, from crafting a comprehensive strategy outline to implementation and ongoing maintenance.


We will create a comprehensive plan for executing the project, complete with timelines and financial considerations.


Once approved, our team will commence implementation and integration of tailored AI models to address your most intricate issues.


Following completion, our team will ensure the ongoing upkeep of the servers and AI models through regular check-ins and updates.

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We relish projects that push us to our limits and require us to think creatively. We're not satisfied with cookie-cutter solutions or blindly following trends. Instead, we are passionate about projects that require thoughtful consideration and have a unique narrative.

We are a team of creators,

doers and problem solvers.

About Us

Our purpose is to create cutting-edge solutions that truly make a difference for our clients and partners. We understand that every client has their own unique needs, and that's why we take a personal approach to understanding those needs.

We are committed to delivering results that go above and beyond expectations. From developing a strategy to implementing and maintaining it, we are here to support you every step of the way. We value the trust you place in us as your AI consulting partner and thank you for considering us.

AI/ML use cases

Our consulting services offer a wide range of use cases for organizations seeking to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to drive growth and improve operations.

These are just a few of the many possibilities!

Data Analytics & Reporting

Involves collecting, processing, and analyzing large sets of data to provide insights and make informed decisions.

Email Categorizing & Routing

Involves using AI to automatically categorize and prioritize emails (e.g. customer service tickets, outbound replies) for efficient handling and routes it to the appropriate team member.

Document Classification

Involves using AI to automatically categorize and organize large sets of documents based on their content.

Customer Review Analyzation

Involves using AI to analyze customer feedback and reviews to gain insights into customer satisfaction, sentiment, and pain points


Hear from happy clients

Don't just trust our word! See what a recent partner has to say about working with us.
“Makeshift did such a fab job on the campaign film for our Fall-Winter 2021 Wedding Collection, we can't wait to work with them again!”
Joe Elia
VP Marketing at Cherry
"We loved working with Makeshift and hope this is the start of a long relationship."
Adam Feldman
CEO, Valley Fresh
"Makeshift's attention to detail was fantastic. They thought of absolutely everything!"
Kelly Hart
Project Lead, Right Choice
"Everyone's raving about the new logo Makeshift created for us and it's already getting so much traction online!"
Alexa Bless
Sr. Marketing Manager, Crescent
Why us

Still unsure?

Here are 3 reasons you should partner with us!
Years of Experience

We've had quite a run in our 7+ years of operation with successful project launches across North America and Europe and dozens of viral campaigns.

Satisfied Clients

We believe that the surest measure of success is when a client partners with us more than once. Over half our clients stay with us for longer than a single project.

Excellence Awards

We may be young but our agency has already won 13 Excellence Awards for our work with Valley Fresh and Right Choice, among others.

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